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MENSPIRE presents the revolutionary transition between precision barbering and contemporary hairdressing. A fusion of technical and artistic skills with a commitment to bridge the gap between the traditional barbershop and the modern hair business.


Educator of the year – New York City / USA Barbercon 2017 & ROME / Italy Festival Barber 2018

With an infectious character and a remarkable work rate Josh Lamonaca has become a world renowned figure revolutionising a system for men’s hair education.

Josh has featured in over 25 countries sharing the MENSPIRE philosophy at some of the most prestigious events in the world, with audiences rising above 3000 people.

Known for empowering his audience from 1/2/1 education to global stage shows Josh Lamonaca has an unconditional passion for sharing knowledge mentoring others and gaining reward in seeing his staff and students grow.

Recognised throughout the industry for his fearless creativity josh has seen his social following rise extravagantly after his iconic style and haircuts have created a huge impact being replicated around the world.

The hard work hasn’t been unnoticed as Josh Lamonaca has seen his efforts identified after being awarded as educator of the year at both New York City, USA Barbercon 2017 and ROME, Italy festival barber 2018


“Sam has always sustained a vision to create a fashion focussed, forward thinking, Male image & grooming brand that will go on to become a global entity amongst the industry”

Aspired to be a leader and not a follower, with his relentless work ethic and tremendous people skills, Sam Palmer has impacted and influenced the men’s hairdressing industry remarkably.

Taking off in the hairdressing industry 15 years ago, the thrive, passion and eagerness of achieving the vision led to Sam combining his knowledge and skills with childhood friend, Josh Lamonaca, to manifest their vision and bring to you what is today, MENSPIRE Male Image & Grooming.

Being Co-Founder & Director of MENSPIRE, Sam has continued to work on his vision with a mission to expand the company locally & globally with a unique culture of modern day mens hair salons.

With a clear passion and love for growth & development by expanding the company internationally, Sam has made it his personal goal to continue to grow the company by building salons, creating teams and developing staff. In particular, being able to empower individuals and developing them into great businessmen, guiding them to a position of authority, creating leaders. This is an established cycle that has been created from years of experience and the way Sam envisions the company to continue growing.

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