The Covid-19 hit the whole industry hard and in some countries shops were closed for a period of two months. Did it make a change in customers mind to let it grow longer or just buzz cut it for the lasting period, we all changed our opinions on our hairstyles because of Covid-19. We are gonna discuss what we noticed in our shops.

First things we noticed were 2 different kinds of people, the one that had a buzz cut and the one that let it grow out as it is. It’s really interesting to see how people’s opinions changed during that period. The customer that came in on a weekly period to get a clean up or the customer that came in monthly.

The customers that let it grow out felt pretty good about their longer hair and we’re looking for a solution to keep it maintained and clean while maybe growing it out more. We helped them through that process with the right advice and profession.

The customer that went for a buzz cut because it wasn’t maintainable had quite some indifferences, some of them were quite happy with the fact that it was easy in the morning, the others missed their longer hair and wanted to grow it back as fast as possible.

Here at Menspire, we will give you the right advice for maintaining a haircut that has to be grown back or grow out!

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